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STEM integrates knowledge and skills from the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. This integrated way of teaching and learning supports students to become confident and involved learners who are curious about their world.

As a multiple award winner for the STAWA Science Talent Search and Science IQ Competitions our school has demonstrated excellence in STEM education. Situated in a natural bush setting in the Perth Hills, our students readily learn respect for the environment and the local wildlife. Building cubbies is a popular activity, providing opportunities for the children to employ their engineering skills through creative problem solving.

Our early childhood children come to us with a natural curiosity about the world around them which we foster though play-based exploration, in their investigation centres and outdoor play spaces, creating a solid foundation for future learning. As the children progress through the school, they engage in inquiry, problem solving, critical analysis and creative thinking.

The Bibbulman Robotics showcase is a highlight of our calendar. The ‘Showcase’ provides an opportunity for students to utilise their skills in mathematics and digital technologies in an authentic way by participating in teacher designed robotic challenges, coding Lego Ev3 and Spheros robots. The annual Solar Boat Challenge and Lesmurdie Le Mons Go Kart Competition engage our senior students in practical activities which develop STEM competencies such as teamwork, encouragement, problem solving, communication and collaboration.

STEM is further promoted through our weekly lunchtime Minecraft Club and our involvement in Adopt a Patch, which supports schools in educating young people about their natural environment though a local conservation project.

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