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At Lesmurdie Primary School we deliver a balanced numeracy program designed to ensure students develop numerical literacy and confidence in their ability to work mathematically.

Teachers use a Numeracy Block Structure, to give all students the opportunity to develop the specialised knowledge and language needed for conceptual understanding and applying mathematical concepts. Students are presented with a range of representations of the same concept. Curriculum delivery includes a balance of explicit teaching, jointly constructed understandings (modeled and guided) and independent learning.

In the middle and upper years ability grouping is used to provide opportunities for accelerated progress as well as targeted and specific interventions. We are finding an increase in levels of confidence as there is opportunity for students to achieve mastery of key concepts before moving on in the curriculum.

Collaborative sessions allow teachers to moderate tasks within their phase of learning teams to ensure consistency and continuity of curriculum delivery across the school. A range of assessment tools ensures a variety of opportunities for students to work mathematically, and explain their mathematical thinking. Students are constantly encouraged to reflect on what they have learned, how they learned and what assisted them in their learning.

In 2021, our teachers have been involved in professional learning with Dr Paul Swan, an inspirational mathematics consultant with extensive experience in using hands on manipulatives in the classroom. The series of workshops, our staff are attending, is focused on fostering mathematics literacies to improve communication and vocabulary.

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