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At Lesmurdie Primary School, we recognise that learning another language is important in an increasingly interconnected world. Research has consistently proven that learning another language enables students to use their knowledge of the language to communicate across cultures with other people.

It enriches our learners intellectually and culturally, contributes to social cohesiveness through better communication and understanding. Above all, it develops an understanding of one’s own language and culture through comparison with another language and culture. That’s right, learning another language helps our children to develop their first language literacy.

The Italian language learning program is designed to be a connected curriculum across all years and is taught by a specialist Italian teacher 1 hour per week. Students learn about hobbies, school, food, sports, housing and daily routines amongst many other things. Integration of language and culture and engaging tasks motivate students to socialise, inform and create in Italian. At Lesmurdie Primary School, students learn Italian by taking advantage of up-to-date technology, which not only helps make language learning relevant, engaging and enjoyable, but also helps students 21st century skills. Lesmurdie Primary students also have the opportunity to participate in Italian Language and poster making competitions and have won prizes each year for the last 6 years, a testament to our successful Italian program.

Lesmurdie Primary School has a whole school approach to Italian, and students are exposed to the language in their classrooms outside of their weekly Italian lessons through the Italian word of the week initiative and Daily announcements. And let’s not forget the school’s annual Italian Day, which is a highlight of the school year with students and staff dressing up, participating in Italian language and cultural activities, visits from Italian motoring clubs and enjoying delicious pizza and gelato!

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