Health & Physical Education

Lesmurdie Primary School

The National Safe Schools Framework provides a set of guiding principles for safe and supportive school communities that promote student wellbeing and develop respectful relationships.

At Lesmurdie Primary School we have adopted a whole school approach to safety and wellbeing which is assisting us to create a teaching and learning community where all members of the school community both feel safe and are safe. We acknowledge the strong interconnection between student safety, student wellbeing and learning.

The school utilises the School Drug Education and Road Aware (SDERA) resources to build our students’ resilience and help develop skills such as responsible decision making, seeking help and forming relationships. Bounce Back Bear features in curriculum content and appears at assemblies as a visual reminder of the power of positive self-talk and optimism.

Our Physical Education program is another key component of our focus on student health and wellbeing. In the early years the students are introduced to Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) and then game play and tactics in Years 3-6. The senior program develops hand-eye coordination and applies these skills to game situations across a variety of sports. Both programs aim to highlight the importance of skill acquisition, inclusivity, teamwork and awareness of self and others when being active.

Each year, we offer students the opportunity to participate in a range of school and interschool carnivals as well as in-term swimming lessons.

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