Lesmurdie Primary School

Sustainability in primary schools is designed to provoke social, civic and environmental responsibilities. At Lesmurdie Primary School, we use that provocation to develop whole school and classroom initiatives designed to develop students who are able to think critically, innovate and provide solutions towards more sustainable patterns of living.

Our whole school initiatives include:

  • School garden produce used for cooking and preserving
  • Solar panels and water tanks demonstrate the importance of wise use of natural resources
  • Our school acts as a collection point for batteries, mobile phones and printer cartridges
  • Individual classrooms have chosen a focus such as worm farming, frogs or the importance of bees, to nurture a culture of care for the environment

We are actively involved in the following programs:

  • Clean Up Australia
  • Bread Tags For Wheelchairs
  • City of Kalamunda’s Microbat project
  • Millenium Kids’ Adopt A Patch.

The ever popular Book Swap Shop offers all family members the opportunity to take part in the sharing of items no longer needed and helps families keep up with avid readers. We invite you to bring a book along to the Library on Tuesday mornings and join in the fun of swapping.

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