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Lesmurdie Primary School

This is a significant and exciting time to be the principal of Lesmurdie Primary School. The redevelopment of our school has delivered brand new, high quality facilities presenting a unique opportunity to match the physical improvements with improvements in our operations. This work is already underway. In 2023, the Public School review team commended us on our professional commitment to leading a "highly scaffolded, clearly articulated and transparent process in improving teaching quality and student achievement and progress" In the development of our new Business Plan 2024 - 2026, we are intentionally leveraging the existing strengths of the school culture and harnessing the support of the community to make a great school even better.

The evidence is clear that the pathway to success begins in the early years of a child’s schooling. We firmly believe every child is capable of achieving success and acknowledge our role as educators in ensuring that our efforts and resources are directed to providing a safe, inclusive learning environment which supports all aspects of a child’s development: physical, social, emotional, behavioural and intellectual. Our dedicated and experienced staff understand their impact and are motivated to improve their practice, so that every child makes progress and achieves their potential.

Our Professional Improvement Model drives a dynamic process of whole-school improvement informed by our three priorities:

Excellence in Teaching and Learning

At Lesmurdie Primary School we are committed to a high-quality teaching and learning program and evidence-based approaches to ensure continuous progress, year on year, for all students. We work collaboratively with colleagues across the Bibbulmun Network of schools to sustain diverse, innovative learning and engage digital technologies to inspire innovation, risk-taking and creative thinking to improve student outcomes. Our involvement in initiatives such as the Robotics showcase and the STAWA Science Talent Search indicate our commitment to building our students’ STEM skills to strengthen post-school opportunities and enhance students’ curiosity and creativity.

Safe, supportive and engaging environment

As educators, we know, that children learn best when actively engaged in experiences where choice, wonder and delight are evident in their interactions. At Lesmurdie PS we embrace intentional play-based learning, in the early years, enabling our youngest students to express their individuality and develop a healthy sense of identity and wellbeing. Across the school, we deliver programs that address diversity and promote inclusivity. Learning is made meaningful through challenging and achievable goals which facilitate the acquisition of new concepts and skills.

Positive Partnerships

Lesmurdie PS has a strong tradition of an engaged, connected school community and positive partnerships with parents and carers. The school values these relationships and seeks to strengthen and expand these connections. We encourage students to play an active role as student representatives, influencing whole-school policy and planning through “student voice”. We foster opportunities for students to be peer mentors and to contribute, positively, to community projects. Our Cambodian Sister School project provides further opportunity to develop students’ leadership capabilities, global awareness and philanthropy.

Our vision is to build Lesmurdie Primary School into a school of the future - a school that supports our children to grow into young people capable of making a positive difference in the world through their engagement, action and contribution.

We invite our parents, carers, family members and community to join us on this journey. Together we can build upon our past successes and explore and develop new ideas and innovations to create the conditions for our students to be successful in learning and in life.

Louise Armstrong - Principal

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