Photography in Room 7

The Year 5 students in Room 7 have been taking photos with a focus on the environment. They had to think about the composition of their picture, considering colour, focus point and the background to give the best effect.

Junior School Vege Garden

There is always a hive of activity, especially on Friday mornings at LesmurdiePrimary School.  The students in the Junior school have developed an exciting outdoor garden area.  The students are busy planting herbs, vegetables and a sensory garden.  Items that are often thrown away are recycled and used for plants and to create a novelty […]

Faction Football Competition

Many children from years 4 -7 will participate in a lunchtime football competition during Term 2.  Faction Football is a modified game, for both boys and girls, designed to promote enjoyment, participation and fitness.  A special thank you to the West Coast Eagles and WA Football Commission for their support. They have provided our school […]