Mindstorm – Engineers of the Future

How do you program a robot car to stop at a Crosswalk? That is just one of the challenges a small group of Year 4 & 5 students are overcoming each week as they work with Mr Bushby and Mr Donetta on the Mindstorm Project. The students are learning to program the devices to compete […]

New Kindy Vegetable Gardens

After the building of new raised garden beds in the outdoor play area, the Kindergarten children have been busy planting an array of vegetables and herbs this week. They are eagerly waiting and watching the plants, and hope to harvest potatoes, beans, carrots, spinach and lettuce soon. Thank you Mr Falconer for your hard work.

Music Assembly

Beautiful singing and dancing, colourful costumes and happy enthusiastic children were on display during our special end of term music assembly. From cute Pre-primary students through to confident Year 6 students, the large audience of parents and other family members enjoyed several performances that showcased a range of artistic skills that are taught at Lesmurdie. […]